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In TV Tokyo “Look at Japan from the sky”, our “one bite conger eel” was introduced.
In TV Tokyo “Monosuta” our tsukudani was introduced as home-coming souvenir .
In TV Tokyo “Wafusohonke” our Edomae “ one bite conger eel” was introduced.
In TV Tokyo “ adomachikkutengoku” (Yanagibashi), our Edomae “one bite conger eel.”

greetings from owner

Thank you for visiting Komatsuya’s homepage.
We make every effort day by day to deliver to you the spirit of Edomae fisherman and genuine tsukudani.
The shop is located 5 min. from JR Asakusabashi sta., close to Asakusa and Ryogoku, along the Kandagawa river, rich in the atmosphere of the old commercial district where Ikenami Shotaro would take a walk.
Please come and see us with Yanagibashi as a landmark. I am very glad to have made your acquanintance. please continue use us.

the 4th Komatsuya owner Akimoto Osamu

History of Komatsuya

Established in 1880
From Meiji era to the beginning of Showa era, Yanagibashi was prosperous.
Komatsuya ran an inn from where men took geisha on a pleasure boat on Sumidagawa River, and offered tempura or sliced raw fish which was taken by casting net.
We started to sell as souvenir grilled crucian carp or Edomae tsukudani. They became popular in time.
currently the 4th owner continues making them in the same way as before at the edge of Yanagibashi.

Particular in the seasons

Our tsukudani is made from ingredients of season’s best, and in the winter we make “oyster tsukudani” or “fresh sea weeds tsukudani” from the Hamanako Lake only in the best season.
From the spring we select season’s best of “Edomae conger eel” which is fresh and fatty.

Traditional taste and recipe

The sauce is simple, only soy sauce, sugar, and sweet cooking sake,which hasn’t changed.
originally tsukudani is preserved food when there was no fridge or vacuum pack. Komatsuya tsukudani can last for 1 month at the normal temperature. It’s not sweet and good for rice and sake.

The gastronomic culture in Japan

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